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NCLBIO Co., Ltd.
20, Hoseo-ro 79beon-gil,
Baebang-eup, Asan-si,
Republic of Korea

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Utilizing our cutting-edge of biotechnology and protein engineering technology,
we research and develop innovative active ingredient to
apply for cosmetic and pharmaceutical.


The research center is a specialized for researching, developing and industrializing active ingredients for innovative cosmetic and pharmaceutical utilizing biotechnology and protein engineering technology.


Research Area

  • 사업이미지

    Developing and manufacturing of biotech recombinant protein/ research and development of biobetter.

  • 사업이미지

    Research and develop of cellular and molecular biological stem cell medicine/ evaluating efficacy and toxicity of functional peptide.

  • 사업이미지

    Manufacturing and production of chemical-protein engineered functional peptide/ research and development of new functional peptide.

  • 사업이미지

    Research and development of cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulation/ cosmetic manufacturing.