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Baebang-eup, Asan-si,
Republic of Korea

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Utilizing our cutting-edge of biotechnology and protein engineering technology,
we research and develop peptide to apply for innovative cosmetic and pharmaceutical.


Privacy policies and Notice in NCLBIO
Privacy policies and Notice

We collect information with our basic policies to protect your personal information and to provide appropriate services. In order to receive answers to your inquiries, you must agree to the privacy policy below. Your collected personal information will not be provided to third parties, and the information you provide will only be used to respond to inquiries. The information we collect to answer your inquiry is your name, email, company name, and phone number. "NCLBIO" or any third party who receives personal information from it will, in principle, destroy the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved. However, “NCLBIO" keeps the member information for a certain period determined by the relevant laws and regulations as follows when it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of related laws and regulations.
(1)Preserved Items: name, email. Company name, phone number

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